Seven Steps To A Flawless Christmas Makeup

Christmas day is the busiest period of the whole year. With the never-ending fuss, it seems almost impossible to look radiant from dusk till dawn. However, the magic is possible if follow the steps of our easy checklist.


Beauty Routine on a Christmas Day


Ready to shine on this Christmas day? Start your beauty preparations in the morning. Unlike dress, gifts, or shoes, makeup is something that you can’t get in advance. Begin with a good night's sleep before the 25th and skip staying up late just once – the skin would be grateful for that. As you begin your day, stick to the following routine to turn yourself into a beauty.

Step 1 – Prepare the skin

Start the day with the habitual rituals – cleansing your pores and refreshing the skin. The best morning routine for a special day (and Christmas is certainly one of them) is to apply a sheet mask. You probably have dozens of your favorite masks at home but we recommend treating yourself with luxe cosmetics.


Our choice: revitalizing mask is a universal salvation for every skin type. While it is working wonders, sip your favorite coffee and let the natural ingredients soothe your skin.


Step 2 – Base is the basis of everything

Now, when your skin is ready for the makeup, build a strong basis for its longevity. If you want to keep the fresh look until the late evening, consider using a quality primer. It will be your invisible hero – as it smooths minor imperfections, like pores, provides additional protection from pollution, tames oily skin, and creates a strong basis for a foundation.


Our choice: this primer is not just a cosmetics product, it’s a miracle worker. It provides a rapid mattifying effect and reduces natural skin redness. On top of that, it’s lightweight and breathable. The skin will thank you later.

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Filorga Pore-Express Regulating Primer [Pores + Shine] 30ml/1oz

Pore-Express Regulating Primer [Pores + Shine] 30ml/1oz

A double action, skin perfecting primer

Step 3 – Covering imperfections with foundation

Now, that your canvas is fully prepped, it’s time to begin “painting”. The next step is a foundation. Yet again, we recommend choosing a luxe brand for a special occasion. Why?

  1. Christmas day involves plenty of photos. A cheap foundation can ruin even a pretty face with unnecessary shine.

  2. It’s going to be a long day. Don’t want to check your makeup every now and then? Choose a serious product.


Our choice: any product that contains tiny pieces of Pearl Mica. This light mineral will give your skin a soft radiance, without turning the face into an oily-like pancake. For creating a more natural look, gently apply cosmetics with Beauty Blender.

Step 4 – Attention to the Lips

Decided on the color already? Let us guess, you want your lips red, right? Yes, this is Christmas classics, give or take. What doesn’t go well with the bright color is constant eating and drinking. Hate leaving marks on the glass? Here’s what we recommend.


Our choice: get a professional matte lipstick. Hands down, it’s one of the greatest inventions of makeup industry. With a huge selection of shades, there won’t be a problem to match your skin tone. Beautiful and functional, matte lipstick will stay where it should be (not on the glass!) from the moment of application until the final minutes of the day.



Celebrating this Christmas with your bae? Think about meeting under the mistletoe and get a nude shade instead.


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Lipstick Queen Nothing But The Nudes Губная Помада
Lipstick Queen

Nothing But The Nudes Губная Помада

Шикарная губная помада, которая создает идеальный нюдовый макияж

Step 5 – Long Lashes

Despite fighting for our natural beauty throughout the year, adding falsies for a special occasion won’t hurt. Still a big no-no? Well, try to make the best with the help of serious mascara. Put your budget option aside and treat yourself with luxury.


Our choice: Any luxe mascara with a sculpting effect. Its ultimate formula will thicken the lashes and curve them into perfection. Laugh as much as you want – no smudges guaranteed.

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Guerlain Maxi Lash Тушь для Объема и Подкручивания Ресниц

Maxi Lash Тушь для Объема и Подкручивания Ресниц

Подкручивающая тушь для объема ресниц

Step 6 – Eye shadow time

Christmas time is a chance to express your inner self! What are you up to? Eternal classics like smokey eye? Or nude shades? Or maybe even something bold and sparkling? In any case, you need a large palette full of shadows. Whatever your stylish option is, never forget about eye primer.


Our choice: eyelid primer is an effective and affordable product that will serve you for many months.


BareMinerals BareMinerals Prime Time Праймер для Век (Новая Упаковка)

BareMinerals Prime Time Праймер для Век (Новая Упаковка)

Шелковистая, невесомая текстура легко скользит по коже


Step 7 – Just one final touch


Now, it seems that you’re all set but don’t rush under the mistletoe. Complete your makeup routine with a light setting mist. It acts as a protective veil and extends the longevity of the makeup.


Our choice: setting sprays are weightless, hypoallergenic, and comfortable. A product highly recommended by professional makeup artists will make you the star of the evening.



And here you are, as pretty as a picture, ready to rock the impressive Christmas makeup all day long!