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PALMER'S Nursing Butter 30g Fixed Size

1384 руб.
Nursing Butter:


2142 руб.
A great source of omega-3s if you don’t eat 2-3 serves of fish per week.

Braun - Nasal Aspirator BNA100 Fixed Size

4910 руб.
Highlights & Details
Disney baby

DISNEY Baby First Time Removable Bib - Baby Mickey Made in Japan Fixed Size

1161 руб.
The bib has a pocket to catch food spills.

Richell Soft Mushroom Teether 3m+ Fixed Size

982 руб.
The Bite series teether allows baby to try every angle of the bite through the soft bite that baby loves. The use of the same silicone material as...

Pigeon安撫奶嘴 FunFriends 0-3 個月 M 米妮 Fixed Size

759 руб.
Pigeon Pacifier FunFriends 3-6 months M size Minnie pattern

Combi Step Up Cooking Set Fixed Size

3035 руб.
Cold and heat resistance : -30°c ~ 140°c

Edison Chopsticks I Series 4544742914530 2 to Preschool, 6.3 inches (16 cm),...

1295 руб.
Introduce! Rice with chopsticks. Just put your fingers into the ring to support your motivation! Cute character that moves with every use. These...

Nishimatsuya ELFINDOLL Detachable Cup, Cross Open Soft Bra (Black Lace) M...

2277 руб.
Removable Cups, Cross Cut Soft Bra (Black Lace)

Pigeon Baby Gel Toothpaste 50g (Strawberry) 18m+

670 руб.
Promote recalcification of teeth to strengthen dentin, combined with sodium fluoride to prevent tooth decay

Skater Tomica 3-5 Years Old Children's Toothbrush 8 Pack

1161 руб.
A convenient set of 8 toothbrushes for kindergarteners to store.

Bandai Anpanman 2Ways Bath And Rattle 3m+

1384 руб.
A bath rattle that babies can hold by themselves during the bath! Shake it and it will rustle Lift it up and the water will chug down, and it can...

Combi - Hello Kitty Fabric Frilly Hand Strap Rattle 0m+

1027 руб.
The red, black and white rattles are easy for babies to recognize. Even small babies who do not have toys can wear the rattle on their wrists to play.

LION Mickey Kid's Toothpaste 60g Grape flavor (6-12 years old) Fixed Size

357 руб.
Japanese toothpaste for children is safe to swallow. In Japan, there is also fluorine, which is specially used to prevent and treat tooth decay for...

Japan Muraoka Shinkansen Rail Set Baby Train Toy [N700 Series Shinkansen] 3yrs+

982 руб.
Clockwork train toys, no batteries required, simply connect the rail to play

Skater Tomica Sliding Chopstick Box Set Made in Japan Fixed Size

714 руб.
The case is a sliding type that can be pulled out with your finger, making it resistant to impact and breakage.

Richell Auxiliary Primary Toothbrush (3M+)

491 руб.
Soft toothed baby toothbrush
Bu Yick Fong

Ginger Shaving and Argy Wormwood Leaf Powder 30's Brown - Fixed S

3303 руб.
Remove from plastic package and place 1-2 packs of Ginger Shaving and Argy Wormwood Leaf Powder into a basin. Pour in boiling water and allow...

Anpanman Ball Stroller toy Fixed Size

1964 руб.
The outer ring can be grasped, the most suitable for the synthesis of the baby's first ball rolling game toys
Disney baby

Takara Tomy Disney Baby - Bend & Squeak Toy Story Fixed Size

1339 руб.
Takara Tomy Disney Baby - Bend & Squeak Toy Story
Smart Angel

Smart Angel Shampoo Hat Blue Fixed Size

625 руб.
Size: Approximate head circumference: 44-52cm

Pokemon Pikachu SEGA Fabric Ball 3M+ Fixed Size

2053 руб.
You can squeeze the tag ribbon, string and ears, and when you roll it, it will make a loud sound.
Smart Angel

SmartAngel Sink-type baby bath for bathing babies Fixed Size

1295 руб.
SmartAngel Sink-type baby bath for bathing babies 
Disney baby

Takara Tomy Pooh Winnie the Pooh Chewable Honey Jar Teether 4m+ Fixed Size

1206 руб.
Winnie the Pooh's Honey Jar, which inspires your baby's curiosity to put it in mouth.
Disney baby

TAKARA TOMY Disney Baby - Dear Little Hands Winnie the Pooh Pororon Chime 2m+...

1206 руб.
An interesting design baby bell, with the image of Winnie the Pooh coming out of the clouds.
Sale -20%
Nature's Way

Nature's Way Kids Smart Vita Gummies Omega 3 Fish Oil 60 Gummies Fixed Size

1071 руб.
1343 руб.
Kids Smart Vita Gummies Omega-3 can help top up your child’s intake of essential Omega-3 fatty acids. The body can’t produce omega-3 on its...
Sale -8%
Disney baby

Disney Baby MinnieMouse Bib Fixed Size

938 руб.
1027 руб.
Disney Baby 迪士尼米妮嬰兒圍兜口水肩 100% 棉 

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