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Звонок по России бесплатный

Biotherm Aquasource Non Stop Экстремальная Увлажняющая Маска

Объем 75ml/2.53oz

Код товара: 11405

Мы организовали бесплатную доставку в любую точку России и ближнего зарубежья.Подробнее...

Мы уведомляем наших клиентов смс сообщениями и местонахождении посылки и состоянии заказа.

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Штрихкод: 3367729022728
Объем 75ml/2.53oz
Тип кожи Нормальная , Сухая , Проблемная , Комбинированная , Для всех типов кожи
Тип средства для лица и тела Маски , Сыворотки , Концентрат
Свойства средства Увлажнение кожи , Отшелушивающее действие , Снятие раздражения , Питание кожи , Очищение кожи , Успокаивающий эффект , Разглаживающий эффект

Отзывы (5)

Отзыв пользователя Отзыв написал(а) Mark Johnson
Mark. Great after a clay mask (Размещено в 18.06.2016 )
Отзыв пользователя Отзыв написал(а) Gina D
My Must Have. I LOVE this. I use this every now and then at night (maybe once a week or fortnight) when my skin needs a good drink. It soaks in easily and is very hydrating.
I always have a spare tube in the cupboard because I don't want to run out.
I LOVE this (did I say that already?) (Размещено в 10.11.2015 )
Отзыв пользователя Отзыв написал(а) Lulu
Best mask for dehydrated skin. I was looking for a mask not only to hydrate but soothe my skin. It was in a very bad state. After searching through all the available masks I settled on the Biotherm Aquasource Non Stop Emergency Hydration Mask. Fabulous product !! followed the instructions on the pack. Once removed I didn't need to put anything else on my face & went to bed. In the morning my skin was no longer dry & itchy & red. It was beautiful . It felt hydrated & soft. I highly recommend this product. For once here is a mask that truly delivers. (Размещено в 19.06.2015 )
Отзыв пользователя Отзыв написал(а) Serena Jensen
Air travel must have. I never fly without this! After takeoff I cleanse my skin, spritz on some water then put a thin coat of Aquasource's Non Stop Emergency Hydration Mask on to seal in the moisture and keep my skin as hydrated as possible throughout the flight. I reapply it every couple of hours during the flight and don't wash it off until after arriving at my destination. This mask goes on clear and stays clear - it doesn't really dry but more sinks in like a moisturiser, so no scary mask face in public!!! I love the fresh, clean smell that Aquasource products have, this one included, and it certainly does the job of combating post flight breakouts and dehydration dryness. I love it and would recommend it to anyone and everyone who flys, even guys! (Размещено в 14.06.2015 )
Отзыв пользователя Отзыв написал(а)
Mask. This mask was a bit dissappointing. While supposed to hydrate and what I would consider supposed to be calming, along with hydration, I find it stings a bit and does not provide the hydration it claims... next... (Размещено в 13.06.2015 )


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