20 Makeup Must-Haves

For Crazy Busy People

Always in a hurry? Whether you're on a tight schedule or you can't be bothered to obsess over foundation, there are days when there's just no time to follow your favourite makeup routine. For all you busy peeps out there, these on-the-go makeup picks are a must. Not only are they easy to use, but they're guaranteed to make you look your best - just faster.


For people who don't have time to buff and blend (that stuff takes time!), stick foundation is the way to go. No need to fiddle with brushes or sponges - these babies can be drawn on like a marker and then blended out with your fingers. It's so easy, a four-year-old can do it.


1. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation

Flawless skin starts here. This silky, hydrating stick formula glides on a like a dream and is great for dry skin because it feels creamy and won't cling to dry patches.

2. Smashbox Studio Skin Shaping Foundation + Soft Contour Stick

For multitaskers who want to get even more done, this two-in-one product is a must. One end is foundation, and the other end is a slightly darker shade for contouring, for maximum efficiency.

3. Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Foundation Stick

With its natural matte finish and easy blendability, this one is definitely a keeper. Oily skin will like it too, because it keeps the T-zone under control while adding a healthy glow to the rest of your face.

4. Clinique Chubby In The Nude Foundation Stick

An oldie but a goodie, this foundation stick remains a staple in many makeup bags. Fans say it lasts all day, and won't make skin look oily, even on the T-zone.

5. Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick

This super-pigmented stick foundation is the winner when it comes to coverage. A few dots around the cheeks, forehead, and chin, and you'll be able to blend it out to cover your entire face. Less is more.




A swipe of highlighter or a healthy flush can bring your whole face to life. But some products wear off so fast, it's like you never applied them at all. The best thing about the following stick highlighters and blushes is that they'll really stay put. Check them out!


1. By Terry Glow Expert Duo Stick Glow Expert Duo Stick

This dual-tone stick combines a glowing blush with a high-gloss brightener that will make cheeks LIT like a supernova. One swipe does the work of two products, it's as easy as that.

2. Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Duo Stick

Hello, amazing colour payoff! One swipe gives you two complementary colours to blend in with your fingers. In a pinch, it can even double as a lip stain. Perfect for lazy days when you still want to look on top of it.

3. Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow Touch CC Luminizer

This product is three shimmery, correcting shades in one, and glides on smoothly to deposit a pearlescent glow that shifts seamlessly between colours. What more could you ask for?

4. Too Faced Unicorn Horn Mystical Effects Highlighting Stick

Unleash your inner goddess with the magical effects of this highlighter. The sheer blue tint gives cheeks an ethereal beauty that will make you stand out, like a unicorn among horses.

5. Bareminerals Crystalline Glow Highlighter Stick

Free of oil, parabens, sulfates, and talc, this clean beauty queen delivers a sheer wash of radiance to the high points of your face. Perfect for the bridge of the nose and your cupid's bow too.




Blending four different shades to get the perfect cut crease is so time-consuming. Instead, try these super convenient eyeshadow sticks! These handy dandy products can be drawn all over the lid for a shimmery glow, and darker shades can double as eyeliner. Bonus: no need to fiddle with a brush!


1. Yves Saint Laurent Full Matte Shadow

Liquid eyeshadows can look difficult to master, but the key is to apply with a light hand. Spread a thin layer on and pat with a finger to blend for low key gloss and definition.

2. Cargo Swimmables Longwear Eye Shadow Stick

This crease-proof and water-resistant shadow stick makes all-day glam easy. Pick a lighter shade to go all over your lid, and a darker shade for your crease, and you're golden.

3. Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color

So many colours, so little time! Mix and match from over 25 shades for everyday elegance. The formula resists transfers and creasing, so you can get 6-8 hours of wear out of them, no problem.

4. NARS Velvet Shadow Stick

Creamy, dreamy, and oh-so-velvety, this NARS stick has pitch-perfect texture and layers on beautifully on skin. The shades are striking and flattering for most eye colours, so grab your favourite and go!

5. Kevyn Aucoin The Loose Shimmer Shadow

Roll-on eyeshadow is the height of chic. Pro Tip: If you're not using primer, apply this directly after foundation so that the loose powder has a base to adhere to.




Lipstick can be hard to apply when you don't have a mirror. That's why you should have one of these in your pocket at all times, in case you need that middle-of-the-day touch-up, sans mirror.


1. Christian Dior Dior Addict Lacquer Stick

The next generation of lacquer sticks is here, and the packaging is to-die-for. Shiny lips are making a comeback this year, and we love them because they're totally foolproof. Even if you apply slightly outside your lip line, it won't look sloppy.

2. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Leather Matte Lipstick

It can be a pain to get the edges of matte lipsticks exactly perfect. Fortunately, this product has a rhombus-shaped tip with sharp corners to hug the curves of your lips.

3. Shiseido VisionAiry Gel Lipstick

The shades are super flattering for all skin types and the lighter-than-air gel texture manages to stay super pigmented. After it sets, it stays up to 6 hours without reapplication for marathon-ready wear.

4. Givenchy Rouge Interdit Vinyl Extreme Shine Lipstick

For a sheer wash of juicy, sparkling colour, nothing beats this. Swipe on for a healthy sheen that makes lips look sweet and kissable.

5. Lancome Matte Shaker Liquid Lipstick

This one is cute and easy to carry around. Plus, the versatile sponge applicator is perfect for creating a just-bitten look on your lips, or adding a gradient contour.




Vanish Seamless Finish Основа Стик

4632 руб.
Универсальная, водостойкая и концентрированная основа стик
Make up for Ever

Ultra HD Invisible Cover Основа Стик

3937 руб.
Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation - # Y215 (Yellow Alabaster)

Quick Fix Основа Стик для Тела с Полным...

2625 руб.
Корректор для лица, для средних и значительных неровностей кожи
Sale -35%
By Terry

Light Expert Совершенствующая Основа с Кисточкой

3242 руб.
5018 руб.
Новейшая основа с кисточкой
Bobbi Brown

Основа Стик

3783 руб.
Культовая основа стик с необычной прозрачной базой

Studio Skin Моделирующая Основа + Мягкий Стик...

4130 руб.
Studio Skin Shaping Foundation + Soft Contour Stick - # 3.1 Neutral Medium Beige
Sale -60%

Center Of Attention Balancing Foundation Stick

1042 руб.
2625 руб.
Удобная основа стик, которая создает роскошный цвет лица

Teint Idole Ultra Wear Основа Стик SPF 15

1235 руб.
Нежирная, высокопигментированная и стойкая основа стик
Sale -5%
By Terry

Nude Expert Основа Дуо Стик

3512 руб.
3705 руб.
Удобная дорожная основа стик с двойным действием


Sale -1%
Yves Saint Laurent

Baby Doll Блеск и Румяна

3049 руб.
3088 руб.
Два-в-одном оттенок для губ и скул
Yves Saint Laurent

Baby Doll Блеск и Румяна Дуо Стик

3165 руб.
Инновационный компактный бальзам для губ и скул

L.A. Lights Мягкий Стик для Губ и Скул

1004 руб.
Многофункциональный оттенок для губ и скул
Sale -10%
Too Faced

Unicorn Horn Mystical Effects Хайлайтер Стик

1930 руб.
2161 руб.
Уникальный стик, который создает красивый цвет и многомерное сияние

Watt's Up (Хайлайтер для Лица с Эффектом...

2779 руб.
Легкий в использовании хайлайтер для лица
Urban Decay

Naked Skin Хайлайтер Флюид

2046 руб.
Кремовый хайлайтер, который создает легкое сияние
Sale -46%
Laura Geller

Easy Illuminating Стик

1081 руб.
2007 руб.
Универсальный стик, который придает коже сияющий блеск
Sale -23%

Румяна Кушон

2316 руб.
3011 руб.
Увлажняющие и охлаждающие компактные румяна кушон
Sale -10%

Phyto Twist Румяна

4979 руб.
5558 руб.
Легкие в использовании кремово-пудровые румяна
Bobbi Brown

Хайлайтер Стик

3242 руб.
Кремовый, невесомый хайлайтер стик


Sale -59%
By Terry

Aqua Print Тени для Век

1197 руб.
2933 руб.
100% ухаживающие, водостойкие тени карандаш для век
Bobbi Brown

Стойкие Кремовые Тени Стик

3049 руб.
Универсальные, невероятно стойкие тени для век
Sale -25%

Phyto Eye Twist

3049 руб.
4091 руб.
Этот карандаш сочетает свойства теней и подводки для глаз в одном

Бархатистые Тени Стик

1737 руб.
Этот стик легко скользит по коже

Ombre Hypnose Stylo Longwear Cream Eyeshadow Stick

2547 руб.
Модные, инновационные тени стик с кремовой текстурой
Sale -28%

Кремовый Карандаш Тени для Век

1621 руб.
2277 руб.
Потрясающий кремовый карандаш-тени для век


Estee Lauder

Pure Color Envy Моделирующая Губная Помада

1505 руб.
Кремовая текстура легко скользит по коже и равномерно наносится
Tom Ford

Легкая Губная Помада

4670 руб.
Легкая губная помада, выпущенная в ограниченной версии

Chubby Stick

1660 руб.
Laura Mercier

Блеск Стик

2625 руб.
Сочетает свойства блеска, бальзама и губной помады
Sale -7%

Audacious Губная Помада

2432 руб.
2625 руб.
Модная, изысканная губная помада

Rouge Interdit Vinyl Сияющая Губная Помада

2200 руб.
Уникальная губная помада, насыщенная маслом черной розы
Christian Dior

Dior Addict Lacquer Stick

3011 руб.
Культовая, динамичная губная помада

Губная Помада

1776 руб.
Дарит губам красивый и стойкий оттенок
Lipstick Queen

Saint Губная Помада

1351 руб.
Прозрачная, легкая в использовании губная помада
Giorgio Armani

Rouge Ecstasy Губная Помада

2740 руб.
Роскошная питательная СС губная помада