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Dermalogica Нежный Отшелушивающий Крем

Объем 75ml/2.5oz
Товар есть в наличии.
Дата обновления остатков 16.01.2018 20:02:31

Код товара: 13076

Старая цена: 2649.86 руб.

Цена: 2310.92 руб.

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Штрихкод: 666151020214
Объем 75ml/2.5oz
Оригинальное название Gentle Cream Exfoliant
Тип кожи Проблемная , Для всех типов кожи
Тип средства для лица и тела Сыворотки , Крем , Концентрат
Свойства средства Регенерация клеток , Осветление кожи , Отшелушивающее действие , Снятие раздражения , Очищение кожи , Успокаивающий эффект , Разглаживающий эффект
Аромат Фруктовый

Отзывы (10)

Отзыв пользователя Отзыв написал(а) Dr Ritu Thakur
Great!. I love this face pack. (Размещено в 18.07.2017 )
Отзыв пользователя Отзыв написал(а) Jeanne Chua
Gentle exfoliant that works!!!!!!. Bought this when I saw a world renown makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge, highly recommended this product. She's known for her gently and effective beauty routine. Been using this for around 7 years and tried countless of exfoliant/scrub before - beads, creams, drugstore, high end, AHAs, BHAs etc. This beats all others and is one of my beauty staples. I have dry skin and with abit of redness around the nice and chin and use this once a week and would avoid the sensitive areas if there is any flare up. My skin feels nice and clean (even better than using traditional facial scrub) afterwards and I would apply hydrating mask thereafter - my skin would absorb the mask like a thirsty camel!!! Love love love it!!!!!! (Размещено в 16.07.2017 )
Отзыв пользователя Отзыв написал(а) Debra Bourke
Gentle. Gentle on skin, felt clean and brighter skin. Even my son liked using it! (Размещено в 16.07.2017 )
Отзыв пользователя Отзыв написал(а) Diana Galimova
Fantastic!. This is a really fantastic mask! It has completely transformed my skin. Since using it, my skin has been much clearer and softer. I would buy this product again, and I would recommend it to others. (Размещено в 25.04.2017 )
Отзыв пользователя Отзыв написал(а) Nathalie Bogaert
Love it. Love this mask also. I just Love Dermalogica. I used so Manu products and only Dermalogica makes my skin healthy. All the products are fantastic but you have the use the whole program of cleaning for the best results. This mask is very good, it's cleans very good without irritation. Especialy if combined it with another mask of if you use it when your face looks heet. So 1 time 7 minutes this mask and than 7 minutes the caraocal mask and your face looks amazing. I do it one time a week. Use after toning spray and active moist or other Dermalogica crХmes. (Размещено в 24.04.2017 )
Отзыв пользователя Отзыв написал(а)
Lovely gentle exfoliant. I really love this product. It's gentle on your skin and leaves it looking and feeling fresh and clean. Am now a repeat purchaser. (Размещено в 23.10.2016 )
Отзыв пользователя Отзыв написал(а) Cristina Stoia
Good face mask. This tingles a bit when first applied as it contains lactic acid and glycolic acid but its pretty gentle on the skin. What I really love about it its that glow that it leaves after I take it off! It makes my makeup appear so much better and it really helped keep my spots and break-outs at bay in between facials. I love it! (Размещено в 27.07.2015 )
Отзыв пользователя Отзыв написал(а) Alfred
Gentle Cream Exfoliant. A deep exfoliant in which everyone should have. It removes dead skin and improves skin texture. It is best followed by a hydrating masque after use. (Размещено в 27.07.2015 )
Отзыв пользователя Отзыв написал(а) НИЬИ АО АЫХ
cleans the skin. leaves your skin fealing clean (Размещено в 26.07.2015 )
Отзыв пользователя Отзыв написал(а) Nofar123
Amazing Exfoliator. I have oily skin and quite blemished, so I was looking for an exfoliator without any beads.
At first, before I used this product, I had mixed feelings about it: On the one hand I liked that the formula is creamy, with no grains and it used like a mask (rinse after 15 minutes); On the other hand I didn't like that it's not oil-free. Usually products that are not oil-free cause me breakouts.
After a little research, I found out that the exfoliator's oils (apricot and lavender) suitable for oily skin, so I decided to give it a try. I'm very happy with this decision, because I'm very satisfied with this product.
I use it twice a week in my night routine, and after every use my skin feels and looks cleaner.
I really like the velvety texture of this product. It's not greasy as I thought it would be, even though it contains oils.
This is definitely my favorite exfoliator, and I highly recommend trying it.
(Размещено в 26.07.2015 )


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